HAHN Automation Plastics is a global leader in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molding robots, including high speed 3-axis linear servo robots (also known as gantry robots and cartesian robots), servo sprue pickers / 2-axis robots (or 2-axis handlers), pneumatic sprue pickers and side entry robots.

ProLine 3-Axis Linear Robots
Our premier line of high speed 3-axis linear robots



Injection Molding Machine


ProLine PL60 3-Axis Robots

300 tons

13 lbs

ProLine PL120 3-Axis Robots

500 tons

27 lbs

ProLine PL200 3-Axis Robots

1,000 tons

44 lbs

ProLine PL350 3-Axis Robots

2,000 tons

77 lbs

ProLine PL500 3-Axis Robots

3,500 tons

110 lbs

ProLine PL1000 3-Axis Robots

5,500 tons

330 lbs

SmartLine 3-Axis Linear Robots
A more economical line of 3-axis linear robots


Injection Molding Machine


SmartLine SL30 3-Axis Robots

150 tons

11 lbs

SmartLine SL50 3-Axis Robots

300 tons

11 lbs

SmartLine SL100 3-Axis Robots

300 tons

22 lbs

SmartLine SL150 3-Axis Robots

800 tons

33 lbs

Servo Sprue Pickers / 2-Axis Robots

Offering significantly more flexibility than typical pneumatic sprue pickers, the ProPicker PP15 servo robots are 2-axis robots, or 2-axis handlers, that include infinite positioning of the X-axis, Y-axis and A rotation. These servo sprue pickers / 2-axis servo robots, designed for use with plastic molding machines up to 400 tons and payloads up to 3.3 lbs, maximize your plastic injection molding robot investment!




 Pneumatic Sprue Pickers

Injection Molding Machine


SP5 Sprue Pickers

150 tons

0.7 lbs

SP11 Sprue Pickers

150 tons

2.2 lbs



Side Entry Robots

The SE600high speed linear motor side entry robots are designed for use with plastic injection molding machines up to 500 tons and payloads of 132 lbs.





HAHN Automation Plastics complete line of robots for plastic injection molding automation includes the latest drive and robot control system technology, a robust and rigid mechanical design and high quality German components. The robots are competitively priced, include a 1 year warranty, and our commitment to the highest level of customer service and support!

Serving The Plastics Industry

These high quality linear robots are flexible and easily expanded or redeployed, to provide the maximum value for your investment and make them the ideal solution for use in a wide range of plastic injection molding automation applications, including:


  • Part picking robots & pick and place robots
  • Insert loading robots
  • In-mold labeling and in-mold decorating robots
  • Palletizing robots
  • Automated assembly robots
  • Clean room robots
  • and many other plastic injection molding automated operations such as part removal, stacking, sorting, packaging, part handling and inspection, on all sizes of plastic injection molding machines up to 5,500 tons.

Quality Certification
ISO 9001:2008   View Current Certificate

North American Sales, Integration & Service

Our North American headquarters is located in Waunakee (Madison) Wisconsin. Robotic Automation Systems is a HAHN Automation Plastics Preferred Integration Partner and our North American representative.

Contact us to start a conversation about your plastic injection molding automation needs and assistance in selecting and integrating the right plastic injection molding robots for your applications.