ProLine Robot Control System

HAHN Automation Plastics state-of-the-art RMP robot control system, including the ergonomically designed RMP pendant and control cabinet, is standard on all ProLine linear 3-axis robots.

Unsurpassed in the industry, the RMP robot control system distinguishes itself with fast and easy complete programming (no PC software needed) via the pendant’s full color easy to read touch screen and joystick.

The RMP control system includes:

  • 8 locally defined workspaces
  • Double walled pendant housing for impact resistance
  • Light weight ergonomically designed pendant
    for both right and left handed operators
  • Windows based operating system
  • USB ports enabling easy access for program
    loading and back up
  • 9 freely programmable soft keys
  • Economy mode for energy savings
  • Absolute encoders (no referencing required)
  • Non-proprietary pendant and cabinet components
  • Up to 100, 300 line programs
  • 100 user defined variables
  • 4 user defined levels of password protection
  • 10 parallel programs for higher level of control
  • Text display options including multiple languages,
    Unicode or symbolic letters
  • IP65 rated protection pendant
  • Torque regulation command for easy set up of part removal
  • Up to 512 input / output (I/O), internal and remote
  • Automatic weekly back up to flash drive in USB port
  • Operating system stored on compact flash
  • Optional programming software
    (HAHN Automation Plastics ROPS)


Robot control system cabinet switches and external connections for ProLine 3-axis robots

1. Power Input
2. On/Off Switch
3. 110 V Output
4. Vacuum Input / Output (I/O)
5. Pendant Connection
6. Ethernet Port
7. Auxiliary
8. Safety Door
9. Conveyor Input / Output (I/O)
10. Auxiliary
11. Peripheral Input / Output (I/O)
12. EuroMap 67
13. Motor Voltage Cables
14. Motor Controller Cables
15. Ground Connection
16. Auxiliary
17. Emergency Stop